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At Clover Group LLC, I provide the strategic insight and leadership to assist you navigate and advance your governmental and business priorities.

I have had the privilege in working Illinois’ executive branch under four Governors’ administrations and have developed extensive experience documented by being appointed Deputy Director in Illinois Office of State Comptroller Dan Hynes. Throughout my tenure I have witnessed good government work but not without its imperfections. State government has an ever-increasing constituent mandate of being more interactive and responsive. I intend to bridge that divide and to bring access and influence to a wider net of entities and within achievable means.

I was then appointed as Deputy Director at the Illinois Department of Transportation where I oversaw the administration of the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.  I saw first-hand, the need for continued improvements and rigorous compliance of federal and state transportation mandates to ensure Prime contractors continue to lead the way in assisting DBE’s and small-businesses  learn, navigate and participate on Illinois transportation and transit projects.

Municipal Public Service

Prior to joining State government, I was the  Chicago Public Schools’ Communications Specialist for Office of Language and Cultural Education’s Dual, World, ESL and Transitional Bilingual Education. Through earned media, the OLCE highlighted the advances and cutting-edge education opportunities in the CPS system as we rolled out the City of Chicago’s Mayor's World/Dual language standards and metrics as well as coordinating CPS’ plethora of education and multi-cultural programs and events.

Prior to Eighteen Years Of Public Service

I had the honor to serve my country and am an honorably discharged and decorated Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. With active duty tenacity and overseas military campaign experience, Vittorio’s unflappable demeanor and keen, strategic approach will help identify the root of your issues and implement the most effective strategy to achieve results. I will bring integrity and decisiveness to navigate your projects and advance your needs in the ever-changing landscape of the Illinois legislature and throughout units of local government in Illinois.

Vittorio has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago and grew up on the city’s SouthSide. He attended St. Rita High School and has volunteered in numerous civic and non-profit organizations. He is most proud of his recent family addition: a Shih Tzu named Obi Juan.

He does his best not to take himself too serious.  Contact us today for a free phone consultation!

​Illinois government is a conundrum, and navigating it requires a real tactician. The Clover Group LLC will advance your Issues anywhere worth Advancing.
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